Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am ready for flowers

Just look at the flowers my hubby got me for my birthday yesterday.  He did a great job at picking out what I like.  Carnations are my favorite and I love oranges and yellows together.  I would like to know exactly what the little orange balls are.  They aren't fake.  They have a twig like stem that gets larger toward the end where it was cut.  I am ready to see flowers in my yard again.  It snowed here a few days ago and of course my back yard faces north so it stays white until Spring.  We had a few days of warmer weather so the front yard melted but it didn't make a difference in the back.


  1. Beautiful bouquet. I love those colours, too. "Happy Birthday to you."l

  2. Beautiful Bouquet Jody. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

    1. Thank you. Since I had to work we just spent the night at home with dinner and a movie.