Friday, August 28, 2015

So far so good

The other day we got our house under contract.  The people who are buying our house still needed to sell theirs and I am glad to find out today that they are under contract too.  I hope everything goes well with their sale and ours too.  I am getting excited about moving.  Not packing of course but just getting to decorate a new space.  I have some photos of the new home that we will closing on at the end of September. We will be painting it a different color but I don't know what yet.  I leaning towards a lighter color on the upper siding and maybe darker on the trim. 

I didn't pick this house necessary for the way it looks.  I prefer houses that have a more country look but I did pick it for all the outdoor spaces.  It has a wrap around porch from the front to the back of house.  This next picture is the wrap around from the front.  The doors go to the dining room.

Here is a better picture of the south side of the house.

Here is the back deck. It is also a wrap around.  It starts on the north side of the house and ends at the west side (back of house)

The yard has a fire pit area and pond.

I will be sharing the inside pictures when we get the house.  If all goes well we will be moving in the first weekend of October. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall dreaming

Today at work I have been looking at Fall decor on Pinterest.  I am having a hard time not be able to decorate my house this year.  As most of you know we are selling are home as we found a home that we will be closing on at the end of September.  This will not give me much time to get moved in and get my Fall decorating done.  I will give it my best shot.  Here are some pictures that I found on Pinterest that are giving me some inspiration.

 Since I don't have a cart I thought something like this would look good on a tabletop.

 I good idea for using antlers.  I can't wait to use mine.

I love the use of this window on the mantle.  I think that my old window is too large for the fireplace mantel.  I will have to think of another way to use it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fall will be here soon

Where has the time gone?  It seems like Summer just began and now Fall is creeping upon us.  Don't get me wrong Fall is my favorite season but I will not be able to decorate this year like I normally do. 

We are still trying to get our house sold.  Since we have a ranch with only one bedroom on the main level it is made for empty nesters.  We have had interest but no offers.  We are suppose to close on the other house at the end of September so I won't be able to do any Fall decorating in my current home. 

For now I am looking back at past Fall decor to get ideas for the new house.

The new house has this ledge by the front door that will be great for decorating for the seasons.  I got this picture from the real estate website so it is a little blurry.  But you can see the ledge over by the light. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

more photos to share

Today I am sharing the front of our house and the family room off the kitchen.  All of these photos are from our listing.  We had all of these photos taken as the sun was setting.

Now for the family room.  I still don't really like my curtains.  I never had a chance to change them out. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Master bathroom

I thought I would share a few more pictures of my house from the listing.  Today it is the master bathroom.  We updated it last summer. 

Here is what it looked like before.