Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Master Closet Update

The master closet is near the finish line.  I worked 10 hours on Saturday to get as much done as possible.  We installed the floor and I got started on assembling the cabinets.  We got almost all the cabinets installed on Saturday.  Sunday we installed the shelves in between the cabinets, the last tower unit and the rods.  I put together 12 drawers and installed theme in the units.  By the time I got 8 drawers done I said "I bet I can put these together in my sleep".  After the second drawer I didn't even need to look at the instructions.

Here are a few pictures of what is done so far.  We still need to install the baseboards,  one more rod, put the trim back on around the door frame and then I need to get all the trim painted.

I also attempted to make a video.  Now I am not the best video maker but I thought it would show the closet better.  You really have to be inside to get the full effect.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Progress in the Master Closet

This weekend I got my master closet all patched and painted.  I am hoping that the flooring we be here by tomorrow.  I have never laid flooring before except for tile so this will be a learning experience.  I would like to get it done before Saturday so I can get the cabinets put together and hopefully installed.  No glamorous pictures here just showing the space.

This is the East wall.  The left corner will have a corner shelf unit and to the right of the unit will be hanging space.

The next two pictures are of the North wall.  I couldn't get the full wall in the picture from the doorway so it is broken up in two pictures.  The right corner will have the unit that I spoke off in the last picture and the left corner gets another corner shelf unit.  In between the corner units will be a hutch unit that has four drawers below and shelves above.

This is the West wall.  It will share the corner unit and have a tall shelf unit next to it.

This is the South wall.  It will be getting two hutch units with drawers below and shelves above.

I am so ready to get this done.  It is not easy living with most of my clothes inaccessible.  I had to put most of my things in my craft room piled onto top of each other.  I kept out a few clothes that are laying in bins on the floor of the bedroom.   I just hope I can get the flooring figured out and get this closet done by next weekend.  Wish me luck!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Master Bedrooom Closet Project

We have lived in this home for 3 years and I am finally getting the master bedroom closet redone.  I wanted to do it the minute we moved in but we were crunched for time to move in so it was put on the back burner.   I started the demo last weekend and forgot to take my before pictures.  I had only taken down one shelf  before I remembered.  So here are the before pictures with a few tools in the way.  Our closet isn't that big so it is a little difficult to get good pictures showing the size. Nothing glamorous to look at right now.

 The closet right now has two built in shelf units and some hanging compartments.

 This shelf unit is to the right of the entry door to the closet.  I had lots of storage baskets on here to hold clothes.

 This is the back wall.

 View when you first walk into the closet.

We ordered some closet kits that will have units with shelves and drawers.  We will also be installing two corner units.  The cedar flooring and carpet is getting ripped out.  We will be installing an engineered wood floor. 

I mainly wanted to update this closet with lots of drawers as I would like to get some new bedroom furniture.  We need to eliminate one dresser since we have two now and one is in front of a window.  We have had the same bedroom furniture for 15 years now.  It is oversized and dark wood (more of a Tuscan look) and I am wanting to get a lighter color. 

The closet kits were delivered today but the flooring we ordered has a scheduled delivery date of Monday.  I was wanting to get it done this weekend but it will have to wait until next weekend.  I will be getting the walls patched and painted tomorrow so it will be ready for the floor.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Pumpkins on the Porch

Today's forecast here is Colorado is sunny with high temp of 58.  Tomorrow is a different story.  High temp of 28 with snow.  So today I had to get the yard mowed and put the winterizer on before it snows tomorrow.  I also took the time to get the rest of my front porch decorated.  I didn't do it as elaborate as I normally do but doing the yard wore me out.  Plus I still have to do laundry.  So here it is.

I did just a small amount of decorating at the rocking chairs.  To tell you the truth I have been having a hard time getting my Fall decorating done.  Somehow I just haven't felt in the mood.

 Here are the urns that were in my last post.

I would still like to decorate the side back porch and the back deck.  I was also planning to do something special by my pond.  Hopefully next weekend will be nice and I can get some of it done.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Beginnings of Fall on the Front Porch

So on Sunday afternoon I got started decorating my front porch.  It was a balmy 40 degrees with a light mist when I got started.  Let's just say that I didn't get it all done.  I was able to get the urns and steps done before my fingers fell off. 

I have urns on each side of the steps.

View of the step area.

Here is the view from the driveway.

As of today I still haven't got the rest of the porch done.  It has been cold and rainy this week.  It was actually snowing earlier today.  At least I have my wreath on the door.  It isn't going to be much better this weekend.  I guess I will just have to brave the cold again so I can get it done this weekend.