Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back porch blues part 2

Now that the upper deck is done I was able to organize the porch below.  While the deck area was under construction all the patio furniture was stored in this area.  I still have a bit more decorating to do in the corner area and I am adding some curtains also.  I decided to use canvas paint tarps.  I have them already but I still need to get some rods so I will wait until next year to put them up.

I still need to get a table to put between the two chairs.  I found one at Goodwill but it might be too small.

I still have more ideas for the corner.  Right now I kept it simple.  I got the table from Goodwill.  It used to be black and white.  I like the blue and white theme much better.

 For now I kept the end tables pretty simple.  I have some candle holders that I painted to match the color scheme.  Next year I will add more details.  I like that they have the shelf underneath.  More room for decorating.

Now that I finally got this area done for this year it is time to get it decorated for Fall.  I probably won't start for a few weeks.  I think I will concentrate on getting the inside decorated this weekend.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Covered deck finally done

So after two long months the covered deck is done.  I still have the railings going down the stairs to repaint but all of the upper area is done.  Some of the pictures turned out a little dark since the area is shaded now and I couldn't get the flash to work on the camera.  So here is the results.

I repainted all the patio furniture and got new cushions for the seats.  I was able to get two sitting areas and still have plenty of open space for walking.  Here is the table for two in the corner.

I wanted to get a picture showing the ceiling fan but it came out a little dark. 

 I love my large table.  It has a lazy susan in the middle which make a perfect spot for a vignette.

Here is what we started with and how the progress went.

I had a visitor the other day on the deck.  It took me awhile to notice him.  He blended so well with the new deck color.
I am not sure what kind of moth he is but he was about two to three inches in width.  He hung around all day long and he left in the evening.

Right now I am working on getting the patio cleaned up under the deck and getting it redecorated.  It is taking longer than I thought it would since they scratched up all my newly painted furniture and I have to repaint it.

I would like to get it done today so that I can start decorating for Fall inside the house.  Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mini reveal

The covered deck is finally done.  All that I have left to do is paint the railings and put  the furniture back. Then I can get to decorating.  If all goes well we will get to use it on Sunday for the first time this summer.
Here is the before picture.
I wanted to change the color of the floor as it had many stains from the previous owner.   Here is what it used to look like.

Now the after.  Much better than the gray color.
I bought a product at Home Depot called Deck Over.  The color I choose is called tugboat.   It seemed simple enough.  All you do is paint two coats on and your done.  I started this on Sunday and finally got it finished yesterday.  It would have taken less time if it didn't keep raining.  Once you get the two coats on you have to wait 48 hours for it to cure.  I think that I will wait until Saturday to get the furniture on here since I still have to touch up all the railings.  I am going to try and get most of it done each night after work (if it doesn't rain).

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting ready for Fall

Is anyone else ready?  Fall is just around the corner.  While it is still Summer I can't help but wish for Fall to come soon.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love the cooler weather and all the warm colors.  I probably won't start decorating until September but I was thinking about when I used to do craft shows.  One of my best all time sellers were my pumpkin arrangements.  Here is the one that I kept for myself.

I remember when you used to be able to get the styrofoam pumpkins at Hobby Lobby.  One year I scored big when I walked in the store there was a shopping cart full of them.  The sign said 5 cents each.  They had a few dents in them and they were all missing their stems.  That didn't bother me. When I make these I cut off the top and just stick flowers into the styrofoam. So of course I snatched the cart up and ended up paying under $2 for all of them.

Here is another Fall arrangement that is one of my favorites that I did a few years ago.

I have this chair next to my hutch in the basement.  I will probably use the same white pumpkins since I have french country decor down there.

Today we are getting the outside of the covered deck area painted and I am changing the color of the deck boards this weekend.  I am hoping that I will get everything done so I can get the furniture back on and start using the deck for the first time this season.  I will also be cleaning the patio below the deck and getting that furniture back in place.

And of course we are still working on the master bathroom.  Sometimes it is hard to get my husband to work it.  We are at the stage of putting the backer board around the tub area and there are many angles to have to try to cut.  The shower area is ready to be tiled but I would like to do it all at the same time.  Oh well just as long as it is done by Thanksgiving so I can get the tub out of the dining room.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Covered deck almost completed

We got all of our inspections done for the covered deck on Friday so I got to painting this weekend.  I managed to get all of the underneath and the columns done but there is no way that I will attempt to do the outside.  I am very afraid of heights and I am a klutz.  I always seem to manage some kind of injury in all the projects that I do.  I was pleasantly surprised that all went well with the painting.

  I love my new ceiling fan.  I have never had one outside before.  Hopefully I can get the railings done by this weekend so I can get it decorated a little bit.  They scuffed them up some so I will be sanding and repainting them.

Here is the deck before with the pergola on it ( so ugly).

Now the after (before painting of course).

Even the humming birds are happy.  I was able to get my feeder back up on Friday and they came right to it.  I was able to get a picture of one this morning.  Sorry for the picture looking dark the sun wasn't all the way up yet.
Now if we can only get going on the master bathroom again.  I put it on hold so I could get started on the covered deck.  It is not easy when you work 6 days a week and are trying to renovate at the same time.  I just hope it will get done by Thanksgiving since I still have the bath tub in my dining room.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update on the covered deck

We finally have some progress on the deck cover.  Today they are suppose to put the shingles and gutters on.  Cross your fingers.  Right now it doesn't look too glamorous.  There is still a little bit of trim work that needs to be done and of course painting (which we have to do ourselves). 

We are going to install a ceiling fan for extra lighting.   I am so ready to get this area decorated and the lower deck area too. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Missing my garden shed

With all the magazines having the Fall issues it is making me miss my garden shed from our previous house.  I loved to decorate it for Fall.  We are not able to have any out buildings in our current neighborhood ( another reason why I wouldn't mind moving).  Pretty soon it will be time to get out the Fall decorations.  Here are a few photos of my Fall garden shed.

There was also a pond next to the shed.  I sure do miss feeding my koi. Don't you just love my Charlie Brown tree?  That's what I reminded me of when we saw it at the garden center.

We are still working on the master bathroom so I don't have any current pictures to show and of course they are still working on the covered roof for the deck.  This is dragging out way too long now.  We thought that they would have been finished by now.  I am so tired of having all my patio furniture stored under the deck and not able to use it.  We haven't been able to eat outside at all this season so far.  I am having al fresco withdrawl.

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