Monday, August 19, 2013

My Dining Room

I haven't had time to post lately as our little Toby dog had to be put down on August 1st.  I didn't feel like doing too much to the house.  And of course my husband  just had to get a new dog and it is a puppy.  He takes us much of my time has he is all over the house.  I did manage to finally get my dining room in order yesterday.  I had been using it for painting the kitchen cabinets.  Here are a few pictures.  We replaced the light, had a wall added between the living and dining room and I painted it a warm yellow. Wouldn't  you know it that as soon as I get it cleaned up and decorated it is almost time to decorate for Fall.

Here is a picture of the overall room.

I haven't figured out what else I want to do with the shelf on the hutch but I did get the top of it decorated.
I still need to finish below the buffet but here is what the top looks like.
My husband talked me into putting a mural on the other wall of the room.  I had the furniture there first and he didn't like it.  We had the wall put in when we moved in.  It was open to the living room on the other side.  It has now become his office.

Here is a picture of my table.  I went to Pier 1 yesterday and purchased the place mats, napkins and napkin rings.  I also get the candle holders and candles there also. I got the plate at Marshall's.  Thinking ahead for Fall.
A closer shot of the table.

The last thing I need to do is make the panels for the windows.  Here is the material that I bought.  I actually is a much darker red than it shows in the picture.
Right now I am still working on decorating my kitchen, half way done with the guest bathroom and I still need to decorate the bookshelves in the library across from the dining room.