Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall is in the air and the kitchen

I am sharing my Fall kitchen today.  I got it finished yesterday and now I am going to try and get the entry way, dining room and front porch done.  I probably won't get all of that done but I am hoping that I can at least get the entry and dining room completed.  For now let's see some pictures of the kitchen.  Let's start with the breakfast nook.

I just did a simple tablescape this year.

I started with my leave charges,orange plates, leaves and feathers salad plate and a leave bowl.  I also added plaid napkins and my new leave glasses that I got at Pier 1.

For the centerpiece I vamped up this wire hurricane that I got at Pier 1.  I added some more pumpkins and Fall greenery to it and a battery operated candle.

The rolling shelf unit and the stool I keep in the corner got some Fall touches also.


I like to decorate above the fridge since I don't use the cabinet above.  Do you see the little bird?

Since my kitchen island is small I just added an arrangement that I made.  I took an urn and added a metal pumpkin on top.  I put a battery operated candle inside and added some Fall flowers and greenery to complete the look.

I can't forget where this all started.  My corner sink area.

Now I am going to get busy with the rest of the decorating.  I am hoping to at least get the entry and the dining room done today.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Beginnings of Fall in the Kitchen

This morning I got started with some Fall decorating in my kitchen.  I started with the corner behind my kitchen sink.  Please excuse the faucets as it is difficult to take pictures with them in the way.

 I added my Autumn Blessings sign to my berry wreath.

Just added a little bit of fall leaves and pumpkins to the bottom of the stand. I don't want to clutter up this corner too much.

Now I just need to get the rest of the kitchen done.  I am pushing to get it done a little bit at a time after work this week.  I still have lots of decorating to get done this weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall Family Room

Fall has finally arrived in my family room.  I thought that I could get more Fall decorating done this past weekend but it just didn't work out.  I kept it simple in the family room this year.  Here is how the fireplace turned out.

The candles in the sconces and on the mantel are battery operated.  They give a nice warm glow in the evening.

I made flower arrangements for each side the the fireplace.

I added a few pumpkins to the stacking boxes that I have on the left side of the fireplace.

I added just a few touches of Fall to the table on the far left of the fireplace.

I did the same for the table on the right side of the fireplace.

I added some Fall to my tray on the coffee table.

I added some pumpkins to the top of the entertainment center.  It is easier just to add pumpkins then remove everything and add other items. 

I was going to put some orange leaves with the pumpkins but it looked too clutter.  Not that is already does but the leaves were way too much.  I decided to put them on the bottom shelf around a candle holder.  I use this shelf to hold extra candle sticks.  Since it is near the ground you don't notice them that much.  Now it hides them while looking pretty.  At least it does to me.

I am hoping to get the kitchen done later this week one night after work and possibly get entry and dining room done this weekend.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kitchen is back to normal

This morning was all about getting my kitchen back together from the backsplash project.  I have to say that I am glad it is over with.  It was fun to do it but not when you only have one day a week to work on it.  Here is the overall look of the kitchen.  I didn't include the breakfast nook over to the right since I still have stuff on the table that needs to be put away.

I thought it would look better if I didn't have the appliances in the pictures.

I like to decorate this one corner since it is a dead area.

Now the kitchen is ready to get dressed up for Fall.  I am hoping to get started on it later today or tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kitchen back splash is done

I finally got the back splash grouted and sealed this past weekend.  Even though it took four weekends to get it done we only worked on it for 6 days total.   I haven't got everything back on the counter tops yet only the necessities.  Here is how it turned out.

Here are the before pictures.

I am very happy how it turned out.  I like my new back splash much better.   Here is the side by side comparison.  The before picture shows my cabinets darker then they are.

Now I just have to get everything back on the countertops and I will be completely done.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kitchen Backsplash Tiling Done

Yesterday we got all of the tiling done on the kitchen backsplash.  It took us two days to get all the tiles installed.  I was also able to get the bottom subway tile rows grouted yesterday.  I am hoping to get most of the grouting done tonight after work.  Here are some pictures of the completed tile installation minus the small amount of grouting that I got done.

I can't wait to get this done.  Once I have it all grouted I will put the sealer on and then my kitchen can get back to order.  Right now everything is sitting on the kitchen table and the dining room table.

Here is the before pictures once more.

 I like the new tile better then what was here when we moved.  I should have it all done by the end of the week.  Please be sure check back for the results.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Day 1 of Tile Installation

Yesterday we were able to get a lot of tiling done.   My hubby does all the cutting of the tiles and I do all of the installing.  We started out with doing three rows of subway tile and a decorative border on all three walls.

Once we got that done my hubby was wanting to quit but I urged him on by saying "Let's at least get the longest wall done today".  So after a few more hours this is how it ended up looking.

We will be resting today from the tile work and pick back up on Monday. The wall by the sink is 8 feet long and the wall on the opposite side is 2 feet so it shouldn't take too long to get it done.  I will have to do the grouting and caulking after work during the week. 

Here is another look at the before pictures.

I definitely like my new back splash design better.  Be sure to check back for more of the progress.