Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting organzied

This year is all about getting organized.  I am a pretty well organized person but there can always be some improvement. I need more room for all my plates that I use for my tablescapes.  I think this area would be perfect. Actually I think that it would make a great pantry if it was near the kitchen.  At least that is what I would do with it or even possibly make it a wine cellar.  This is what I call a strange nook that is across from the dining room.   Our home has what I call a strange floor plan.  It is a ranch with only one bedroom above ground so it is perfect for empty nesters but I think that it should have a least one more bedroom. 

As you can see in the above picture that there is a small desk in here.  This is where my computer is and where I do my blogging.   Right now this is what the area looks like.  I use it for overflow decor that I use through out the year.

My plan is to use the bottom two or just the bottom shelves to put all my plates and tableclothes that I use for my tablescapes.  I am thinking about hanging curtains just to cover those shelves.  Another thing I want to do is put curtains across the opening of this area so I can block it off if I need to.  Sometimes I use this area as a catch all place.  I am hoping to at least get the plates done today and it will take me some time for the curtains if I decide to do them.  Guess I better get to work.


  1. Did you add the shelving/bookcases? I love this idea and it would be perfect in my 3rd bedroom/home office/craft room.

    1. They were here when we bought the house. I wish that this area was bigger. I guess that they were trying to make a library area.