Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Powder room and entry

Here is a picture of my cabinet in my powder room.  This is the only room in my house that is blue. 
I am still working on the other side where the sink is.  Once that is done I will post the pictures.

Here is the entry off of our front door.  It is located right outside of the powder room.  I have just thrown a few things together for right now.  I will be tweaking this area soon.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Just got done with redoing my lampshades.  Below are the before and after pictures.
This is one of my kitchen lamps.  We are going to be replacing the counter top and replacing the backsplash.  That's why the paint only goes so far down the wall.
Here is the materials needed.
And now the finished product.  I will posting some pictures of my kitchen soon. Right now I am in the process of refinishing the cabinets.



Here are a few pictures of my tv cabinet close up and a console table in my living room.  We are going to redo the fireplace so I will post pictures of the before and after when it gets done.
Here is my console table in the living room.  The reason it is off center of the wall is because it would be in the way of the path to the kitchen if it was brought over to the left.
This is the top shelf of the tv cabinet.
This is the left side of the cabinet.
And this is the right side of the cabinet.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Here are some items that I just purchased recently.  I got the lamp at goodwill today for $12.50.  I will be redoing the lampshade.  The two boxes on the left I got at Big Lots.  The rooster on the left I got at Hobby Lobby and the other items I purchased on Ebay.  Check back to see where these items will be placed in my home. Most of these will be going in my kitchen.
I got this fabric and trim at Hobby Lobby today.  I will be redoing the lampshades in my kitchen by my sink.  Right now they are red but it clashes with my wall color.  Once I get these done I will be posting the before and after pics.