Saturday, December 29, 2018

A New Year Dreaming

For 2019 I am wanting to get three things done to our upstairs.  First is to get my craft room organized and downsized.  Second is get new carpet for all 4 of the bedrooms.  Third is to get new bedroom furniture for the master bedroom.  My first goal is the one that will definitely get done.  The second goal might not happen.  The third is the one I want the most.  I have been living with this furniture for 15 years now and I need a change.

My current furniture is oversized and dark. The way that our bedroom is designed all of the furniture doesn't fit.  We had to put one of the dressers in front of the window.  Since we re-designed the master closet with drawers we don't need it anymore.

These pictures are when we lived in our previous home.  I just wanted to show the color and design of the furniture.  I didn't want to take pictures today since my bedroom is mess right now.  If I happen to get the furniture I will have some before pictures taken.

 This is the armoire.  It wouldn't fit in the bedroom so I have it in the formal living room.

We have a king size bed.  It is actually a four poster bed.  You can remove the posts and the metal frame.  This is a picture I took of our dog Kolby.  He likes to hide in the pillows.

Here is the bedroom set I would like to get. I would get two end tables and eliminate the tall dresser.

I would also add this bench that matches the set to put at the end of the bed.

 Here is a close up of the bed. I love the wood and fabric headboard.

I was thinking of getting this comforter set.  Even if I can't get new bedroom furniture I would at least like to get this bedding.

I will be starting to work on the craft room in a couple of weeks.  I still need to get all the Christmas decor taken down and put away.  That usually takes me a couple of weekends to get it done. 

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