Monday, December 17, 2018

Believe Christmas Mantel

I usually do more of a gold and bronze theme in the family room but this year I went with the classic red, white and greens.  I went a little more simple this year so I could get more done.  I started with the wreath and then added the greenery on the mantel.  I just added my Believe sign (which I added hooks to so I can hang stockings from it), three candle holders and a jar with ornaments.  The greenery has lights and all the candles are battery operated so when they turn on at night it makes a pretty scene.  The bell that I have hanging from the greenery is from my childhood.  It plays Silent Night.  My mother would always hang it in a doorway and I loved to pull the string over and over again.

Here is the overall look of the fireplace.

On the table to the right I replaced the lampshade with this white and plaid trimmed shade, added a wreath to the metal work on the wall, added my candy balls, a sign and a snow globe.

 This is how it looks to the left of the fireplace.

I added some Christmas greenery and some skates to my stacked boxes.

Next is the candle holder and solider.

On the table I added more greenery and a Peace sign.

I didn't know where to  put the Nativity this year so I placed it on my trunk under the windows.  This was my mother's.  She always put in on the hutch in the dining room every Christmas.  I am not sure how old it is but I know that is is older than me.  So it is over 52 years old. It has a light inside and plays Silent Night.

 One of these years I am going to revamp the manger.  I would like to make it bigger.  On the coffee table I put my new snow globe with some greenery and an battery operated candle in a tray.

 The snow globe lights up and blows the snow around.  I tried to get a picture here of the snow blowing around.  It is really fun to watch.  It blows the snow every few seconds.

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