Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Woodland Christmas in the Basement

This is the first year that I have decorated the basement.  I didn't get much done as I was running out of time and energy.  I did manage to get the tree up and decorated.  I also added a few items around the fireplace.

I used all my woodland items since I already have a woodland theme in the basement.  This is my skinny 7 foot tree that I like to use in tight places.

I got this woodland Santa at HomeGoods this year.  I just couldn't resist buying him.

On the other side of the fireplace I added another small tree and some faux fur presents.

I added another woodland Santa, a small tree  and some deer on the coffee table.

On one of the end tables I added another Santa.  I already had the antler bowl filled with the natural balls and greenery on the table top.

I was planning on doing more to the mantel but like I said before I was just to pooped out last weekend.  The basement is still a work in progress for decorating.  After the holidays I am going to get all the decorating done and hopefully lots of organizing through out the house.

If we are still in this house next year I plan on getting more Christmas decorating done in the basement.  We are planning on selling our business and possibly moving out of state if all goes well.


  1. Jody, you've done a terrific job decorating your basement! The woodland theme is perfect for the space and love that new Santa - he looks all comfy cozy in his outfit! Wow, possible big changes on the horizon for you - best wishes if you do head in that direction. I just retired from one of my jobs and am looking forward to only working 2 days a week in the new year. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Lori. Our employee is thinking of buying the business but not sure if the deal will go through. I don't want to move but sometimes change is good. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!