Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another persons trash is my treasure

As we were walking the dog the other day I noticed that someone had thrown out this big pot of mums.  The flowers are all spent but the stems are still green and it had lots of buds on it.  Of course I had to snatch it up.

After a nice drink of water and about 30 minutes of my time dead heading it now looks like this.

I can't stand to see perennials thrown away when they are perfectly good.  I did notice that the house has another one by their garage that still has a few flowers on it.  It will probably get thrown away too.  I will be snatching that one up also.  This beauty will get planted in the backyard next to the pond.


  1. We have become a throw away society. Don't they realize that if you put them in the ground they will come back year after year? I lived in Colorado where we had at least 3 months of frozen ground and my mums came back year after year. What a lucky find for you!

    1. I know Jill. I live in Colorado near the foothills and mine come back each year even after being buried under a few feet of snow for a while. They are like all perennials, some come back and some don't make it.