Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to get the look of bead board

When we bought our house I knew that I would what bedroom I would be using for my craft room.  The back bedroom already had chair railing installed so I thought that bead board would look good below it.  Now installing bead board would be a major task for me so I looked for alternatives.

I used textured wallpaper that looks like bead board.  So much easier to install.  The only problem with this wallpaper is that you don't want to hit it hard with anything as it will make a dent.  Here is what the room looked like before.

Next picture is with the wallpaper installed.

Since I would be painting the wallpaper and chair rail white I decided to paint all the trim in the room white also.

Then I choose a soft yellow to paint the walls.  I know that it hard to tell the difference in the pictures as the room faces the north and doesn't get much natural light.

Now I just need to paint the doors white and get the room organized.  This bedroom has it's own bathroom that I will painting the trim white and the walls the same yellow. I also need to revamp the mirror and vanity cabinet.

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