Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revisting my kitchen makeover

When we were looking for homes about two years ago this was the only kitchen that I fell in love with.  Not for how it looked but for how I will make it look.  The only thing that I wish I could change is the island.  I don't care to have my cooktop in the island and there is no way to make the island any bigger without losing the walk space between the other cabinets. This is how the kitchen looked when we moved in.  We installed new appliances, granite counter tops, new sink and faucet, new lighting, I revamped the cornice boards, added shelves to the island and painted the cabinets.
Here is before the back splash was installed.  I was able to make the island a little bigger on one side so the trash compactor would fit.  I had beadboard installed on the sides since we removed the cabinet on the left for the trash compactor.

Here is the back splash that we installed (before I grouted it).
Now the after pictures.

Here is the butler pantry.

I really enjoyed painting the cabinets and would do it again.  It is such an economical way to update your cabinets.  It only cost me about $75 per kit and I bought three of the white and one of the brown.  I still have some leftover of the white which I have used to refurbish some furniture.


  1. Your kitchen looks gorgeous, I love your double ovens and fridge, great appliances!...I wish your pics were larger so I can appreciate the details better. I also love your new puppy, so cute! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you, I love double ovens also. It used to be a wall oven/microwave combo. We made the opening a little bigger to make room for the double oven. I found out that if you click on the pictures it does a photo gallery and they are larger.

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous, I love it and your accessoreis look wonderful. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your kitchen looks fabulous. I love what you have done with it. Nothing like having a beautiful kitchen to prepare your meals. The kitchen is really the heart of the home..seems I am always in mine whether I'm cooking or not.

  4. The transformation is amazing! You've done a terrific job!

  5. Your kitchen looks fantastic! You mentioned using kits -- did you used those Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits? We used Espresso on our island, desk-buffet and table top and were very pleased. We would love to do the rest of the cabinets in another color, but we need to change the doors on all the uppers to update them, and there are a!

  6. Your kitchen looks great! Thanks for sharing at THT!

  7. Your kitchen looks wonderful! Beautifully done! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,