Monday, January 28, 2019

New carpet, refrigerator and bedroom furniture

Saturday we went carpet shopping.  We found some carpet at Lowe's and we also looked at refrigerators.  We inherited ours with the house and it has a leaky problem in the freezer area.  The ice maker is in the bottom freezer and for some reason the water leaks a little bit on the bottom.  I don't like having the ice maker in the bottom and would rather have the water/ice feature on the upper door.

Here is the refrigerator we picked out.  It is suppose to be delivered on Saturday.

Here is what our current refrigerator looks like. It's ok but as I said earlier it leaks on the bottom and I miss having water and ice on the door.

On Tuesday someone is coming to take measurements for the carpet.  We only need carpet for the four bedrooms upstairs.  Our mail level is tile and wood.  The carpet in the basement is still good so we don't have to replace it.  Once we find out when the carpet is going to be installed I can order my new bedroom furniture.   This is the set I have chosen.

I already have the new bedding.  Right now it is sitting in my formal living room since I wanted to wait to use it when I get the new furniture.  I have been waiting a long time for new furniture.  We have had our current furniture for 15 years now.

Here is what our current furniture looks like

It sure is hard to find a charity that will pick up large furniture.  Right now I am trying to get rid of it for free on our neighborhood website.  If that doesn't work I might be able to get one charity to come and pick it up.

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