Monday, May 25, 2015

Still house hunting

I didn't get any new decorating done in the house this weekend like I wanted to.  I have been so busy this weekend trying to get some order in this house so we can be ready to put it on the market when we find a home.  There just isn't much out there now that will suit us in our price range. 

My worst fears came true.  The house next door was for sale and the new owners moved in the other day.  They have two small children and two large dogs.  This does not set well with my two little dogs.  Our youngest dog hates children and other dogs.  He will not stop barking when I take him outside and of course the other two dogs are barkers also.  It might be better if we had a privacy fence instead of a wrought iron one.  The HOA only allows wrought iron fencing.  Another reason to move is the HOA.  We are looking for a home that doesn't have an HOA or one that isn't as strict.  I would really like to have a privacy fence around my property.  It never bothered me before but now as I am getting older I like my privacy.

This is the kind of style that I am looking for in a house.  I love the copper roof above the bay window.  I just wish the inside looked as good as the outside.  Too much that we would have to change and it is a bit pricey.   The hunt is on.


  1. That must be awful Jody, there would be to many fights in Australia if we didn't have our high fencing, good luck finding a new home. Chris in Australia.

    1. It is hard to change my dogs habits just because the neighbors leave their dogs out. Even if I am the only one in the back yard they bark at me too. My older dog does better then our 2 year old with the situation. If you let him out he immediately heads for the side fence and barks. The other day their dogs were in the house and they came to the window and started barking at me when I was in the back yard. I just can't win.

  2. That's okay. You may not find the house that you want right now, especially one that is within your budget, but that just means that you can take your time to further assemble the house that you want in your mind. There's the reality of the price range, and there's the visual ideal; you just have to find a way to get achieve them both later on. Anyway, I think the copper roofs above bay windows is a nice touch.

    Vincent West @ Emily Cassolato

  3. At least you know the kind of style that you want in a house. We don't even know what kind of floor plan that we want or the kind of flooring or even basic appliances. The outline of the home that you are searching for is beautiful and looks like a castle instead of a home.