Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moving again?

It seems like every time we finish fixing up the house that we live in we move.  Now the hubby is ready to move again.  It will be three years this August in our current home.  Part of me wants to move and the other part doesn't.  I love to look at homes and imagine how I would redo it and then there is the downfall-the packing.  I have so much stuff it takes forever to pack and I have a hard time getting rid of things.

The search is on.  Now if I could have the outside of this house I would move in a heartbeat.

I love this front door.

Check out the back yard of this beautiful home and all the outbuildings.

 I would love to walk down this path.

 This is a greenhouse.  The front and back are stone and the sides are glass.

Unfortunately I am not in love with the inside.  This house is for sale at $1,990,000.00. Nothing that we could afford of course.   There are many things that I don't like about the inside. The kitchen is one of them.I am not sure what is going on in here.

 There is too much in this home that I would need to change and for that price I just want to be able to move in.  It has many beautiful details but some are just not my taste.  But I could really use that yard and the outbuildings.

So far there are just not any homes that suit us for now.  This time we are going to look for something before we put our house on the market.  I am not going to be scrambling to find a house within a few weeks like we normally do.  I am looking for my dream home or at least something that will become my dream home.


  1. I Like this site, A LOT. But I get very tired of looking at homes others are living in from my, and my husbands tax dollars. These homes are a dream, one that I will never see come to fruition. It's depressing. Please quit sending me these, as it just makes me very p*%$$#@ to see these glorious homes where everyone is Martha Stewart, everything is in place, and their hubands leave them at home all day to decorate, do a project, or whatever they choose. I have to live in the real world, and it's no fun to know others take your ideas, implement them, and you have to go to work all day. I' lucky if I feel like repotting my orchids over the weekend.

    1. I am sorry if my post offended you but I am only showing a house that I found online that is for sale that I like the exterior. By no means can we afford a house like this as I mentioned in my post. I myself do not have the luxury of staying home and doing nothing but decorating. We have our own business and I work 6 days a week there. I have very little time to get my housework done each week let alone get decorating done. I am lucky to get one project done a week if I hurry most of the time it can take a month. If you do not want to see my blog posts then I suggest that you unfollow me. Thank you and have a nice day.