Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter beauty

Just when I was enjoying the Spring like weather the snow returns.  I was just starting to see half of my backyard.  We have been having a mild winter here in the Denver metro area this season.  I love to look at snow but hate driving on icy roads.   The good news is it won't be here long as we will be getting back up in the 60's by tomorrow.  I checked the weather for ahead and we are going to be in the 60's until Monday which they are saying will be a high of 31 with snow.  Here are some pictures from my deck that I took this morning at least the roads are clear.

The foothills looks beautiful when they have some snow on them. We can only see them from the edge of our deck.

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  1. Fresh snow looks so pretty! We've been having a very mild winter also, we had two weeks of summer like weather then a week of torrential downpours ~ this week is just overcast. Best ~Mickie.