Saturday, February 7, 2015

Who remembers this

I just started watching the Mary Tyler Moore show again.  I remember watching this when I was little.  I just love the windows with the balcony outside.I love the apartment that she had in the beginning of the series of course minus the shag carpet.  I could see myself living there if I was single.  Who really needs that much room.   I just love the windows with the balcony outside.  Now I see why Rhoda wanted this apartment so bad in the first episode.  I found these photos on google. Did you know that the man on the right of the picture was Valerie Harpers husband at the time?

And this kitchen is so cute.  When you're single you don't need much room for cooking.

I found this great outside picture at night.  It looks like it is decorated for Christmas.  Now this is my type of house.


  1. One of my favorite shows growing up! I loved her apartment. ...looks like alot of her decor is still "current" as well. Fun post! Have a great weekend. Jane

    1. I agree that the decor looks current except of course the shag carpet. It is amazing how things come back in style.