Monday, August 27, 2018

Bye Bye Backsplash

It has been almost three years since we moved into this house.  From day 1 I have wanted to change my kitchen backsplash.  For some reason I am not a fan of using what I call floor tile (because of the size) as a backsplash.  Also they didn't match the tile in the corner window area.  It is pretty noticeable.  That is why I normally have something sitting in the corner.


 Here is the tile and decorative pieces that we picked out.

We are going to do 3 rows of the subway tile on the bottom.  The decorative strip in between the two tiles and then we will have to figure out the spacing of the decorative squares.  It will looks something like this.

The decorative squares will probably be spaced out more than in the picture.

Today we got the new drywall up.  We had to tear out the old as when we were taking the tile off we noticed that it had been patched previously.  It would just crumble when we removed tiles.  We won't be getting any tile up this weekend since I have to float parts of the wall and that needs to dry.  Here is our progress today.

We should be able to get it done next weekend. This is the fourth house that we have done tile work in so it should go pretty quickly.  I am so ready to get my kitchen back in order.

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  1. Good luck, with the new small tiles, they look perfect. Can't wait to see it finished !


    1. Thank you Fabby. I can't wait to get started on laying the tile!

  2. Good luck with the tile installation.

    1. Thank you Ron. I actually love to do home improvements.

  3. Can't wait to see the "after pictures." Warm regards, Nancy Andres @

  4. Hey Jody, Very beautiful and serene home!!! I aapreciate your creativity. Thanks and keep it up.

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