Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall has arrived

Today my goal was to get the front porch decorated.  Unfortunately I didn't get all of it done.  Last night we had very strong winds and I woke up today with having to remove lots of tumbleweeds from our yard.  They must have come from the open space behind our home.  They were everywhere.  Even in the front yard.  Most of them where trapped by the fence.  Let's say it was not fun to clean them up.  They were even in the pond.  It took me over 3 hours since our yard is about 3/4 of an acre.  So here is what I did manage to get done.

The two urns in front of the porch have real plants and silk flowers.  I cleaned out the urns today and left the spikes in the middle and the cascading greens. I also left some of the asparagus fern that is tucked in by the pumpkins.  I then added some silk flowers and leafs and tucked in a couple of real pumpkins in the front.

I filled up my metal wheel barrow with silk flowers and leaves and added three real pumpkins.  I like to use real pumpkins as much as possible.  I love the one that looks like it has warts.

My front flower bed was planted this year so the flowers are not filled in.  I have silk flowers and a real pumpkin in the bird bath.

I added a white pumpkin and another wart pumpkin by my rabbit.

I really liked these two pumpkins for their color.  For now I tucked them in the front corner but I may put them elsewhere later on.

Tomorrow after I do my yard work I am going to tackle rest of the front porch.