Friday, October 19, 2018

Master Bedrooom Closet Project

We have lived in this home for 3 years and I am finally getting the master bedroom closet redone.  I wanted to do it the minute we moved in but we were crunched for time to move in so it was put on the back burner.   I started the demo last weekend and forgot to take my before pictures.  I had only taken down one shelf  before I remembered.  So here are the before pictures with a few tools in the way.  Our closet isn't that big so it is a little difficult to get good pictures showing the size. Nothing glamorous to look at right now.

 The closet right now has two built in shelf units and some hanging compartments.

 This shelf unit is to the right of the entry door to the closet.  I had lots of storage baskets on here to hold clothes.

 This is the back wall.

 View when you first walk into the closet.

We ordered some closet kits that will have units with shelves and drawers.  We will also be installing two corner units.  The cedar flooring and carpet is getting ripped out.  We will be installing an engineered wood floor. 

I mainly wanted to update this closet with lots of drawers as I would like to get some new bedroom furniture.  We need to eliminate one dresser since we have two now and one is in front of a window.  We have had the same bedroom furniture for 15 years now.  It is oversized and dark wood (more of a Tuscan look) and I am wanting to get a lighter color. 

The closet kits were delivered today but the flooring we ordered has a scheduled delivery date of Monday.  I was wanting to get it done this weekend but it will have to wait until next weekend.  I will be getting the walls patched and painted tomorrow so it will be ready for the floor.

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