Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is it too early to think about Halloween decorating?

So today as I sit at my desk at the shop (being bored to death as I usually am) I thought I would go to the Pier 1 website.  I couldn't resist looking at the Fall decor.  After I choose a few items I proceeded to look at the Halloween decor.  I came across a few items that had this picture showing a really nice Halloween display.  I then decided I had to have the witches book with the skeleton hands holding it.

Pier 1

I also liked the small stack of books.  So of course they were added to my cart.

I should be able to recreate my version of their display with these two items and my own Halloween decor that I already have.  I know that it is still Summer but I am already dreaming of Fall (my favorite season).  Am I crazy for wanting to get started on this now?


  1. Not ready to think about fall yet but this was fun to see! Glad you got those terrific pieces and will look forward to seeing them later on.

    1. It has been so hot and dry here this summer that I have been wishing for Fall to come soon. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they had all of their Christmas out already. Now that I am not ready for. Have a great weekend!