Saturday, June 11, 2016

Updating the pantry

Today my hubby and I updated our pantry cabinet.  Now this pantry is a far cry from my previous one which was a walk in pantry.  I have learned to live with a smaller space now but I never liked the layout.  As you can see in the picture below that there are shelves on the doors but they really don't hold much.  I am lucky to get three cans on each shelf.  The shelves on the rotating area only hold six cans each.

And behind the rotating shelves are the stationary shelves. These shelves are 16 X 9.

So I decided I wanted some pull our drawers.  I figured they would hold much more items since I can use baskets to hold most of the stuff like I used in my walk in pantry.  So here is how the drawers turned out.

Now I just have to get everything back in.  I am going to have to find where I put all my black wire baskets.
My wicker rocking chairs were delivered yesterday and I got them put together this morning.  I will be posting those pictures later today.


  1. I love your pantry and of course, the pull out drawers are awesome too!


    1. Thank you Fabby. I wish would would have put one more drawer on each side but I was still able to get everything back in and now I can see what I have.

  2. Jody,
    Amazing transformation, dear friend!
    I remember arriving here 14 years ago. . .
    I was so~o`o excited to have a pantry!
    However, when I opened the doors, to my surprise (horror)
    I found not a pantry, but a laundry closet!!!
    With each and every additional birthday,
    I'm beginning to like the location more and more! (wink!)

    1. Thank you Pat. I am learning to adjust to my new kitchen. My last kitchen had bigger cabinets, a walk in pantry and a butler's pantry. I think that I might have to get rid of a few extra dishes and pans.