Saturday, June 4, 2016

New house colors

I thought I would share the front of the house with the new colors.  Boy, what a difference the new color makes.  I never liked the old color.  At least I only had to live with it for about 8 months.

Here they are side by side.  I like the new colors much better.   The old color did not go with the roof color at all. 

I will be posting more pictures once the whole house gets painted. 


  1. Well you certainly made the right choice there. The old colour really didn't work, did it? The new paint works so much better. It's a simple thing to do, repainting, but it makes so much of a difference to the whole appearance of the place- and I'd expect something of a difference to its value as well.

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van

  2. It can be tricky finding the right colours, I've tried to do the same thing myself but picked a colour which was too dark and made the house look too gloomy. The new colour you've chosen makes the house look a lot brighter and, like you say, it's a better match for the colour of the roof too.

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters