Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall foliage

I can't wait for all the trees to change here so I can take a nice long drive.  I was going through some of my old pictures that I took a few years ago.  Here are a couple from a neighborhood called Cherry Hills Village.  It is one area that I would love to live in.

This area reminds me of living in the country only that your neighbors are close.  Here is one of the homes that is one of my favorites.
The next pictures were taken in Sterne Park .
This next one is my favorite picture that I have taken of a landscape.  I need to go back this year and see if I can get more.
This last picture is one that I took in a neighorhood near our shop last year.  I wish my trees in our front yard were this big.
Some of the trees here have already started to change and unfortunately lost most of their leaves from the hail storm we had earlier this week.  That's Colorado for you.