Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall color is almost over

Most of the trees here have lost their leaves while others haven't even begun to change color.  Our mountain ash in the backyard is still green but all the rest of the trees have lost almost all their leaves.

This is the maple in our backyard.  All the leaves have not changed so it looks pretty cool with all the different colors.

The other day I took a drive to look at the colors and found a few good shots.  These are from Sterne Park in Littleton.  I was a little too late for some of the trees. I probably should have gone the week before.

These are from a neighborhood called Cherry Hills Village.  It is one of my favorite neighborhoods as it looks like you are more in the country with  all the tree lined streets and no sidewalks.  I wasn't able to get many good shots since a lot of the trees had already lost their leaves.  These are the only two that looked the best.

My trees in the front of our house look like the bare tree on the right of this picture.   At least we don't have any snow in the forecast for Halloween this year.  I remember taking my son when he was little trick or treating in the snow many times. 

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  1. Simply Stunning photos!! We had a lot of rain over the past few days so a lot of the leaves are now off the trees.... Signs of Winter coming...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!