Thursday, July 24, 2014

Deck and master bath update

We have closed the store this week and decided to spent our vacation tackling the master bathroom.  The covered deck is coming along nicely.  We should be getting the trim work done next week.  Here is progress so far. They should be doing the roofing tomorrow.

Now for the master bathroom.  We are working on getting the vanity area done by tonight.  Crossing my fingers. Instead of replacing the ugly oak cabinets we decided to raise the height and paint them instead. 

The big empty white space was a huge 4 X 8 mirror.  So glad it is gone.  We were able to save it and we are going to put it in the workout room in the basement.  We used a 1 X 4 on the front and 2 x 4's on the back and sides to elevate the cabinet.  Instead of  fixing the drywall we put subway tile on the wall. 
We got the new sinks and faucets installed yesterday and I am still working the the doors and drawers. I also painted the bathroom a new color.  It looks the same but it is a little darker color.  The new color goes much better with the tile. 

Now for the other side of the bathroom.  I warn you it's pretty scary.

I am not sure when this will get done probably not this week since Saturday is our anniversary so we are going to take a rest on Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily we have the shower in the basement that we can use.  I am so ready for all this construction to be over with.  Once we get this done all we have left is our closet. 

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