Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby steps in the backyard

Well, the  landscapers are all done with cleaning up and installing the new pathway.  I am not sorry to see the old pathway gone.  Now it is time for me to get some planting done.  We went and bought a few flowers for the backyard on Sunday.  I still have to get tons more as these will only make a small dent in the yard.  Who knew that you would need so many flowers to replace the old bushes.

Here is the new pathway.

 I  have plans for that pile of flagstone left from the old pathway.  Here is how it used to look. I will warn you know that it is not a pretty picture.
Pretty bad right.  I have wanted this gone since the day we moved in ( actually even before).  It was very difficult to get the mower down this path since the flagstone was at different levels and even more difficult to get it back up.  My next house will not be a walkout.

I wasn't able to get all the plants that I bought planted since I had to help with demoing the master bathroom floor.  I was able got half of the floor done and my hubby put down the backer board so we can walk on the floor.  Removing tile flooring is not my idea of fun.

Here is what I was able to accomplish in the backyard after I got all the mowing done.  I know it doesn't look like much but it is not easy to remove rock, cut a hole in the fabric and dig in clay dirt. I was able to get 8 flowers planted in this area. Here is the west corner of the yard.

I am thinking about thinning out the day lillies by the trees and I still have to work on the east corner. 
Here are some of the plants that I got for that area.

I will need more for the east corner since it is a bigger area and I still have the back section to do.  Here is the back section.  We had all the bushes removed that lined it.  They were in poor shape and were that nice looking bushes to begin with.  I would rather have flowers along the fence.  I like to look at colors not just green as it was before.

 This is the east corner after the clean up.  This was full of weeds. I will have to move some of the flowers around since the previous owner planted some behind the red twig dogwood bush that you can't see.  There are some rose bushed back here so I think I will add some more. I can't wait to get this done.
I wasn't able to get everything done this weekend as planned since it rained Saturday afternoon and of course I had to run into a few problems as usual.  Hopefully next weekend will be better. 

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  1. Jody, you accomplished a lot of hard yard work done this weekend. Congratulations! I know you're happy about the rain too.