Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snow day, dreaming of Spring

What do you do when it is snowing and 29 degrees out?  You look at magazines!  Today it is very cold and snowing, plus it is very slow at the shop ( which is the coin shop that my husband owns).  I sit back in an office surrounded by bullet proof glass ( 6 days a week).  Yes ladies it is a blast to be here.  Since it is so slow today I thought that I would get some inspiration from some magazines that I bought yesterday.

I am wanting to change out all of my patio furniture cushions for the front and back and do some spring decorating.  I am going to change up my color scheme.  Right now everything is red, green and brown.  Here are the magazines that I bought and some of what will inspire me (hopefully this weekend).

Here are some of the pictures that will give me inspiration.  I am thinking of revamping my bench, painting the ceiling and staining the cement floor of the front porch besides changing out the cushions and adding some decor.  Of course this will not be done this weekend but maybe I can get to a good start by cleaning off the front porch and maybe some painting.

Please excuse the glare it is hard to take pictures with fluorescent lights above.  Magazines are great since my view right now out the front  window is bare trees, cars, grey skies and snow.  At least this weekend is suppose to be in the 50's!

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