Saturday, March 22, 2014

My front porch part 1

I am embarrassed to show these pictures of my front porch.  After Christmas is over it looks pretty bad.  It is hard to decorated in between Christmas and Spring as our winters get pretty windy in my neighborhood.  We live near the foothills which means more wind and snow than the rest of the metro usually gets.

Last weekend I cleared off everything to paint the ceiling and give it a good scrubbing.  I still need to do something with the concrete ( it is ugly).  I want to get a new welcome mat also.  I am going to be revamping the bench, I have ordered new cushions and pillows for the patio set.  You would think that living in the Denver metro area you would be able to find what you want instead of having to order online.  I went to several different places and just could not find what I wanted.  I might even purchase a rug for the porch.  Here is the before pictures and I am sorry to say that I still don't have any after pictures yet.  If I get stuff done this weekend they will be on the next post. On Saturday we are open until 2 pm and of course today we have to get our taxes done after work so I probably won't get too much done today.  Plus it is cold today with snow later on this afternoon.  Looks like Sunday will be busy for me.

I painted the ceiling the same color as the trim.  I really wanted to paint it a light blue but I am sure that our HOA would complain since I did not get it approved.  That's they only thing I hate about this house is the HOA.  They are the pickiest one we have ever had.  They also like to  take their time on approving items since they have  30 days to do so.

Here is some pictures of what I was playing around with last year.  All I had on the porch at the time was the bench.  We purchased the chairs and tables last summer.  I will still use the dog, boots and lantern this year also plus adding a few more touches.

 Let's see what I can get done on Sunday.


  1. Hi Jody! I am new to your blog. I think your porch is cute. An outdoor rug would be great under the table and two chairs! Maybe something with a pop of color. A couple of throw pillows and maybe a lantern on the table with a battery operated candle. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  2. Hi Jody..I so wish that my house had a front porch, then it would be perfect. Such a great space to relax or entertain. I'm sure things will be warming up in the next few weeks and you will have it just the way that you want. Can't wait to see more!