Monday, November 5, 2018

Master closet is finally done

I finally got the master closet done on Saturday and started putting things back on Sunday.  I still have a few more items to put in the closet which I should get done either tonight or tomorrow night.  Here is how it turned out.

This picture is what you see when you first step into the closet.

Next is the area to the right of the first picture.

And now continuing on to the next wall.

Next is the two towers to the right of the hanging in the last picture.

The next picture is how the wall looks by the door when you walk in.

For the two corner units I used some bead board wallpaper on the wall behind them.  They don't come with any backboards so I thought the wallpaper would dress them up.  It's not easy to get it to show up in the pictures.  This picture was the best.

I have all my hanging clothes in and am still working on filling up the shelves and drawers.  I have two dressers in the master bedroom and was able to empty one into the closet.  I am wanting to get new furniture soon and I only want to get one dresser this time.  Right now our second dresser has to be in front of a window.


  1. Looks great! It's awesome to have a place for everything. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane. The closet had two large shelf units and the rest was hanging. I really like to have drawers instead since I mainly had most of my clothes in bins on the shelves.