Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dreaming of a new home

I know, I know that we move way too much but we are thinking about doing an early retirement.  We only have two more years on our lease where are business is at and we will either be selling it or closing down.   I told my husband the only way I would move again is if we move out of Colorado or I find my dream home.  We are thinking about moving to Tulsa so just for fun I looked at some homes for sale.  Of course I found the perfect home two years too early.

I am sharing the pictures of the  best things that I love about this house.  I love this outdoor space.

This home also has a pool which of course isn't any feature I have to have but it is a nice pool.

I love the green house by the pool.

The house is on one acre and the yard is park like.

The master bath has a nice brick surround in the tub area.

The entry way also has some more of this brick.  I would distress the brick with some white and grey.

The only area I am not in love with is the kitchen.  I am not fond of the cabinets but they can easily be changed with some paint. 

I know this house won't be available when we do decide to move but at least I have some great ideas for my next house.


  1. Be still my heart. I love it, especially the patio and yard. Wow. You didn't say how much for this dream house.

    1. They have it listed for $850,000. It is almost 5000 sq ft.

  2. Oh it is soo beautiful! I can understand now why you'd leave Co. for Tulsa. I haven't been there, but since I know they have tornadoes I'd be hesitant. The outside space is so beautiful, but we'd definitely need a gardner to take care of all that land. I agree with you about the kitchen cabinets. Thanks for sharing-hope you could lease it back to the people for two years.

    1. I used to live in Oklahoma for 22 years and never had a tornado go through where is lived even though it was considered tornado alley. The tornado whistles did go off many times but no tornadoes touched the ground except for maybe out in the country.