Sunday, February 5, 2017

My new floor lamp

The other day when I was at Wal-Mart  and found this floor lamp.  I thought it would look good in the formal living room.

Who ever would think that this lamp came from this little box.  It didn't say that you needed a shade but how in the world is there a shade in this box.  So here is what the shade looked like out of the box.  I have never had to put a shade together before.

Bailey has decided to help me out with it.

Now both dogs wanted to get on the action of helping me put this lamp together.

It only took me about 5-10 minutes to get this together.  I probably could have gone faster without the help.

It fits nicely by the chair.  This room has no over head lighting as it is vaulted.  I have to rely on lamps.  This will help out if I want to do some reading.

Now all that fabric on the chair is for my next project in the formal living room.  I am going to recover the cornice boards with it.

Here is more of a close up of the fabric.

I think it will go better with my rugs that I have in the room.  I also want to refinish the drop table in the corner.  It was my great aunt's.  I am not sure how old it is but it probably close to 70 years or more.  I am not sure how I want to finish it yet.  Most of the furniture in this room is dark brown or a mix of off white and dark brown.

Right now I am working on refinishing the cabinets in the laundry room.  We already put in a new sink, faucet and counter top.  I am hoping to have it done by next weekend.


  1. Nice lamp. Glad you had some help.

  2. When I saw that lamp from WalMart, I had a flashback of my pole lamp from there. When I put it together, in the packing was a little piece of cardboard. Thinking it was packing, it was tossed out. That tiny piece of cardboard went in the base and kept the lamp standing up straight. Now mine has to lean against the bookcase. Remember to read the instructions. LOL
    Can't wait to see the new cornice boards.

    1. I am pretty good about reading the instructions as the hubby always give me that job when he puts things together. The base of this lamp is quite heavy but the rest of it is pretty lightweight. I am not sure if I like the lampshade. I might have to get a new one.

  3. Everything looks great!!!! I am particularly in love with the fabric!!! Red is my neutral and I love it!!
    I am making valances for den and's a job, but it will look so pretty when finished.
    PS: the valances for the kitchen are black and off white buffalo check....wonder where I stole that idea :^)