Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DIY Candy Canes from felt balls

So the other day I was in Home Goods looking at all the wonderful Christmas items that they had and came across these garlands.

First thing I thought was "these would make great candy canes."  Easy enough, I thought, just take off the balls and slid them on some floral wire that I already have.

I just cut the string on the garland and pulled them off.  Then I bent the end of the wire so it will hold the ball.  It started out easy but then some of the balls just wouldn't slid down the wire.  I actually had to take a nail and hammer it through the ball to make a bigger hole.  Let me tell sometimes it took a lot of effort to get that nail through the ball.  Once I got all the balls on the wire I bent the other end to secure the balls.  Then I bent it into the shape of a candy cane.  A wire clothes hanger would work for this also.
So far I have made two candy canes.  I bought two boxes of garland and I am hoping to get at least 6 made.  I am wanting to put them with some greenery in my Santa boots planter.  Here are the finished two canes.

Now for an update on my new Christmas tree in the living room.  I finally got all the branches fluffed.  It only took me an hour and multiple scratches on my hands and wrists.  Now it is ready for me to decorate this weekend.

Here is what the tree looked like when I first put it together.

As you can see it made it look much bigger.

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