Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall dreaming

Today at work I have been looking at Fall decor on Pinterest.  I am having a hard time not be able to decorate my house this year.  As most of you know we are selling are home as we found a home that we will be closing on at the end of September.  This will not give me much time to get moved in and get my Fall decorating done.  I will give it my best shot.  Here are some pictures that I found on Pinterest that are giving me some inspiration.

 Since I don't have a cart I thought something like this would look good on a tabletop.

 I good idea for using antlers.  I can't wait to use mine.

I love the use of this window on the mantle.  I think that my old window is too large for the fireplace mantel.  I will have to think of another way to use it.


  1. Jody, love, love this! My Five Star Frugal linkup is back up and running after a sabbatical to help family, and I'd love you to share this with us there. You know I'd love to have you again. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. I know what you mean about wanting to start, I cannot wait. I love the fall. You will still have time to decorate when you are in your new home. Just take one day at a time, moving is a job all by itself. Love your blog and your newest follower.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I like to start decorating in September but as you mentioned I will still have some time. I think that I will have to move all of my fall decor boxes myself and put them in the formal living room so I can get to them easily.