Thursday, April 16, 2015

Love where you live

I just got my new Southern Living magazine today and the cover says "Love where you live".  Well, if this was my view I sure would.  I have always wanted to live near a lake.

I love my house but not my neighborhood.  The HOA here is way too strict.  I wish I could move my house to another area and then I would love where I lived.


  1. I love my home and my neighborhood but I wish I wasn't so close to the highway.

    1. I don't like being by busy streets either. We have two nearby that you can hear the traffic but not too bad. My dream home would be out in the country on lots of land. I have always wanted to live on a farm.

  2. Hoas are absolutely horrible! Live in one for years! Couldn't await to get out! Now we live in the country on 26acres we purchased 10 years ago! Moved and built our dream farmhouse! Yahooooo ! Keep hanging in there! Put it out there to get away from the insanity of the hoa! It's poison!