Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Snow

There is nothing like living in Colorado, one day it is 70 degrees and the next day it is 40 degrees with snow.  We usually get our first snow in October and the last in May.  As you can see in the picture.  It is still snowing today as I am writing this.

So what do you do when it snows on Mother's Day?  You get organized.  Here is what my wonderful hubby did for me today.  First off he got me this beautiful flower arrangement.  Who knew he had it in him.  Most of the time he just buys me a bundle of flowers that I have to arrange for myself.  I love this little teapot.

Next he put together my shelves in one of the basement storage rooms. I have been wanting to clean this out for a year now.  I needed this room done first before my craft room since I want to put a lot of stuff from that room into the storage room.  Everything is in boxes right now.  Here is a look at my craft room before I moved just about everything into the storage room.  This picture was taken when I cleaned out the walk in closet and put everything in the middle of the room.

Pretty scary looking.  Now for the storage room after the shelves were installed.  He already installed two larger ones when we moved in to hold all my paint supplies.

Now it is time to put all the stuff in here.

I know, nothing glamorous here but it made me happy.  I was able to get the craft room closet done also.

I painted the closet the same color as the bedroom, as I hate white closets.  Here is the closet with it's fresh coat of paint.

Now lets see the nice neat closet.  I hope I can keep it that way.  I have a habit of just tossing things in a closet since you can close the door.

Now all I need to finish in the basement is the craft room, the guest bedroom, and the weird little area when you first come down into the basement.  That is where I keep the hutch that I made.  I am not even going to touch my husbands work out room (maybe when he is not looking).   It is actually the family room but we don't use the space so he took it over.

It was a lot of work but it felt good to get it done.  Hopefully I can work on the craft room in the evenings this week so it will be done before the weekend.  I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day!

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  1. Oh I so remember when I lived in Oregon, our last snow as usually in June. Your storage is fabulous, I am totally jealous, so much room and it looks so organized. Great job.

  2. What a nice storage room!!
    My sister called me yesterday for Mother's day, and told me about the blizzard. Colorado, what can I say?! Couldn't tell her my A/C was going and it was sunny and bright outside.
    Happy Monday,

  3. Your storage area is terrific..That kind of space is just a fantasy for me but I love it!

  4. What awesome storage you have...everything looks fabulous.
    Happy Pinks....