Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas past and present and a new light

I have been sooo busy at work these past weeks that I haven't had a chance to get much of my Christmas decorating done.  I did get most of the outdoors done this past weekend and got the tree done.  It is not easy working 6 days a week and trying to get all the fall decor put away and bring out all the Christmas decor.  We decided to close this Friday and Saturday so my husband can play a poker tournament.  Yes my husband used to be a professional poker player, now he only does it occasionally.  Here are some pictures of Christmas past.
This is my tree at our last home.  It still looks like this but I added more decorations.  It will show up again later on.

Now it's time for a little bit of Christmas present.
This is my tree this year.  Don't have any presents for it yet.

Here is a close up of a section of the tree.

I don't have all of the porch done yet, but I did get the railings done.  We had our house repainted a lighter green color.  I posted the new color awhile back and I just couldn't live with that color.  This is not my first choice of color but when the next door repainted before we did they picked the color that we wanted which was a light brown.  So we stuck with the green that was here originally.
Here is the garage area.

Wheel barrow by front porch.
Light post
And finally a close up of one of the railings.  Since I have the next few days off I will be getting the rest of the decorating done.  If a certain little someone doesn't bother me too much.  Right now he is not too happy with me since I took him to the vet on Monday to be neutered. Here is a picture of Kolby with his antlers on.  Let's just say that he didn't like them too much.
Now for the item. I finally got my husband to change out the light in our entry.  It's only been over a year.  I had to add the medallion on the ceiling to cover up the ring that the last light left since I don't have any of the paint to touch it up.  I think I did a pretty good job of matching the bronze color of the light on the medallion which comes in white only.  Our house was built in 2001 but I think this light fixture looks like it is from the 80's.

Here is the after picture.

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