Monday, January 14, 2019

Getting things back to normal

I always wait until after New Years Day to take down all my Christmas.  I sure wish that I would have done it earlier.  It took me two weekends just to get everything down to the basement and there it sits.  Slowly I have been getting the rooms back in order.  Let's just say that every room has just a little bit of normal but not all the way.

I have decided to add some lighter colors in the family room.   We have dark furniture and with the room on the North side of the house it doesn't get much natural light.  I started by replacing some pillows on the loveseat. Here is the before picture.

I kept the two dark brown pillow and replaced the other three with lighter colors.  For now I just kinda of threw the pillows on there. I will do some more tweaking when I get the rest of the decor done. 

I did get the fireplace mantel back to normal.  With this decor I can easily add some Spring to it.

This past weekend I decided to get my craft room cleaned out.  I had been using it as a catch all room ever since we started renovating the master closet.  It was also a good room to store all my normal decor when I started the Christmas decorating. I was going to take some pictures of the room before I removed some things but I was just too embarrassed.  I am still a little embarrassed to show it now but I decided to.  Before I started you could only walk in about three feet.  At least the floor is clear.

One thing that we did was get a new light installed.  It is nice to have a hubby who is an electrician. There used to be a ceiling fan in this room. I forgot to get a before picture but the guest bedroom has the same fan so I am going to show you that.  It is a little hard to see the true color of the blades.  They are a cherry wood color.  Let's just say that it didn't look good in this room.  You really don't need a ceiling fan in here either as this room is on the North side of the house and stays cool in the Summer if you keep the blinds closed.

Please excuse the exposure of this picture but you can at least see the details of the light.

In the first picture of my craft room you can't help but notice the natural wood dresser.  This was my parents and it has a beautiful carved flowers and vines on it.

Unfortunately it has seen better days.  The top has a large crack going across the whole thing and one of the sides also has a crack along the bottom panel.  I plan to fill in the cracks and paint it.  I will be be painting it white and glazing it so it looks antiqued.  Once that is done it will go with the rest of the furniture that I use in this room.  This is one of my many projects that I hope to get done this winter.

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  2. It is the same here trying to get back to normal. I found some more Christmas decor in the family-room. There is always a thing or two that needs to be added to the Christmas storage in the attic. Happy New Year, Kippi #kippiathome

  3. I think with the exception of my girl cave...everything else is finally back to normal. Now I just need to make sure I vacuumed up all the glitter! Love the changes you made to your love seat and your craft room looks great!

    1. Thank you Christine. The craft room will be changing once we get the new carpet. I myself am still finding glitter on my floors. I have vacuumed and moped but I keep finding it.